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In the City for Good!

St. John's Lutheran Church participates in God's mission to bless, save, restore and reconcile the world through meaningful worship and faithful witness in the city of Des Moines and around the world.

St. John's Lutheran Church invites and welcomes all people to experience the Good News of God's grace, forgiveness and unfailing love. The Good News calls and empowers us to share God's love in word and deed throughout our city, nation and world.

Creating in Community

Creating in Community is a living reflection of our community in the here and now at St. John’s. It is a place where we come together to share our gifts, learn from one another, and widen our world. Come and see! You are very welcome here!

Throughout the year, classes, workshops, social events, bible studies, and programs of all different shapes and sizes will come and go. Some events may only last an afternoon and others will meet more regularly over a series of weeks. Check this page as well as the kiosk in the fireside room regularly to see the current schedule and sign up. Events are open to all ages unless otherwise noted.

Would you like to lead or co-lead an event, class, or outing? Contact staff members Beth Ann Edwards or Darla Stiles to learn more.

Upcoming Events

Godly Play - New Wednesday Night Curriculum

During Wednesday evening children’s programming for KDZ and Joyful Noise, the second half hour will be activity based, student led learning using the newly adopted Godly Play curriculum.  Children will participate in storytelling with stories centered around the Bible, responding through play, and sharing in a feast.  This will be led by Alicia Karwal and Elizabeth Arthur.  In order to make this happen, we are needing help with donations and/or creating some of the prop materials.  (Please see the list below)

If you would like to donate or help to create some of these items please contact Alicia Karwal to find out more specific details.

Materials to be purchased or crafted: (think “small” for figures—4”-6”)

  • set of crèche figures

  • figure of the risen Christ (4”-6” figures work well)

  • cloths in liturgical colors (white, purple, red, green)

Creation Lesson:

  • Black underlay (felt or fabric long enough to hold all 7 creation cards laid side by side)

  • Creation cards (cards or wooden plaques that include representations of the following: light; water; green things growing; day/night; all creatures that fly in the air and all creatures that swim in the water; creatures that walk upon the earth; rest—blank card)

The Flood and the Ark Lesson:

  • Ark

  • Noah and Noah’s family figures (4”-6” figures work well)

  • Pairs of animal figures

  • Dove figure

  • Basket with lid

  • Prism

  • People of God figures

Advent Lesson:

  • Advent cards (cards or wooden plaques that include representations of the following: the prophets, the Holy Family, the shepherds, the Magi, the birth of Jesus)

  • 4 Advent candles

  • Matches in a metal container

  • Candle snuffer

  • Model of Bethlehem

  • Holy Family figures (4”-6” figures work well)

  • Christ candle

Epiphany Lesson:

  • (all of Advent materials listed above)

  • Frankincense, myrrh, and gold covered coins

  • Tweezers

Holy Baptism Lesson:

  • Bowl

  • Pitcher (to hold water)

  • Dove

  • Container of fragrant oil

  • Metal box of matches

  • Christ candle

  • Snuffer

  • Baby doll, wrapped in white blanket or gown

  • Brass bowl

  • Sand

  • Basket of candles (with drip guards)

The Mystery of Easter Lesson:

  • Purple and white bag (purple on the outside, white on the inside)

  • 6 puzzle pieces which when assembled will create a cross (one side purple, one side white--- could be painted if wooded pieces are used)

  • Jesus and the Twelve Lesson:

  • Picture of the Last Supper

  • Symbols for the 12 apostles:

    • Saw

    • Cup and serpent

    • Sailboat

    • Three money bags

    • Cross with two loaves of bread

    • Builder’s square and spear

    • Upside-down cross and crossed keys

    • Book and fish

    • Sword and a book

  • Control cards: a control card shows pictures of the shields with the names of the matching apostles (these should be small in size as they will be placed on the picture of the Last Supper)

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