St. John's Lutheran Church

In the City for Good!

St. John's Lutheran Church participates in God's mission to bless, save, restore and reconcile the world through meaningful worship and faithful witness in the city of Des Moines and around the world.

St. John's Lutheran Church invites and welcomes all people to experience the Good News of God's grace, forgiveness and unfailing love. The Good News calls and empowers us to share God's love in word and deed throughout our city, nation and world.


Members of the EAGLES checking out the caves in North Eastern Iowa.

Members of the EAGLES checking out the caves in North Eastern Iowa.

Eager, Active, God-Loving, Livelier, Enthusiastic, Seniors

Facilitator:  Margaret Townsend, 

                                                                         EAGLES Schedule for 2018

Month                                                EVENT                                                          Person Planning

January 5                   Potluck and Planning                                                   Darla

February                     Scavenger Hunt around church, soup lunch          Karen Van Hoever

March                         Speaker from Consumer Protection, Scams           Carol Dittmer

April                            Social Club “The Christians”                                      Barb Hyler

May                             Tour Des Moines University                                       Barb John

June                            Breakfast, Brunch, or Lunch                                      Margaret Townsend

July                              Ledges Picnic                                                                 Marge Sexton Randels

August                        Breakfast, Brunch, or Lunch                                      Linda Rieck

September                 Kalona (dinner in home), Washington museum   David/Linda Miller

October                      Ragtime in Randall                                                       Don Brekke

November                  Thanksgiving Meal at DMACC                                  Carol Dittmer

December                  Main Frame Studio (180 art studios)                       Margaret T.





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