St. John's Lutheran Church

In the City for Good!

St. John's Lutheran Church participates in God's mission to bless, save, restore and reconcile the world through meaningful worship and faithful witness in the city of Des Moines and around the world.

St. John's Lutheran Church invites and welcomes all people to experience the Good News of God's grace, forgiveness and unfailing love. The Good News calls and empowers us to share God's love in word and deed throughout our city, nation and world.

Sunday School

All children age three through fifth grade are invited to attend Sunday School from 8:45 - 9:45.  

  • Age 3 years in room 5

  • Preschool in room 6

  • Kindergarten in room 7

  • First through Fifth Grade gather in the chapel and then move up to their classrooms on the 2nd floor.

How Can Parents Support their child’s Christian Education?

St. John's Members Dan, Rachel, & Isla (up on top)

St. John's Members Dan, Rachel, & Isla (up on top)

Sunday School Goal:  Nurture faithful relationships

  • know the names of peers and teachers

  • participate in meaningful experiences with St. John’s friends.

What can a parent do to support this goal?

  • It’s OK to introduce yourself to the Sunday School teachers and parents. It’s a big church!!!!!!!!!

  • ask your child to tell you the names of his/her teachers each week

  • ask your child who sat beside them in Sunday School

  • pray for your child’s Sunday School teacher

  • pray with your child

Sunday School Goal: Bible Literacy

  • use the bible each week

  • learn one lesson focus from the bible text each week. The lesson focus will be on the leaflet that your child brings home from Sunday School.

  • demonstrate faith traits (what can your child do to follow Jesus and share God’s love with others?) Examples of faith traits are: Generosity, loyalty, patience, joy, thankfulness, wisdom, stewardship, humility, compassion, empathy, peace, harmony

What can a parent do to support these goals?

  • read the weekly bible verse with our child before Sunday School (this could become part of your bedtime or dinnertime routine)

  • ask your child, “What was the big idea in Sunday School today?” (if this question becomes routine for your family, your child will be more likely to go to Sunday School with a purpose and focus on the main ideas in Sunday School) There are also questions at the end of each bible story in the Spark Story Bible that can help you focus on the the important parts of the lesson.

  • give praise to your child when they demonstrate a faith trait. (e.g. “I noticed you shared your popcorn with your brother. What a wonderful way to be generous.”)

  • MODEL FAITH TRAIT BEHAVIORS. (you are the most important person in your child’s life—they are watching you!!!

Each week your child will bring home a colorful leaflet card with home activities and prayers to reinforce what was discussed  in Sunday School—Read and use that leaflet at home!!!!

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